Tips for Working at Home

Working at home can be a great thing. It allows you more freedom and flexibility. You can work as early or as late as you want. You can work from anywhere. There are some downsides, though. There are a lot of distractions when you are at home. It can be hard to self-motivate when you don’t have coworkers or a boss around you.

Here are some tips for working at home:

  • Make lists. This is the only way that I can have a productive day. I make a list of every single thing I need to accomplish today and go through and cross them off as I finish them. I use a good old fashioned pen and paper, but there are plenty of apps that can help keep you organized.
  • Be comfortable – but not too comfortable. Don’t wear your pajamas all day! While you don’t have to wear a business suit, make sure you are getting dressed for the day. Sitting around in pajamas all day can be very un-motivating.
  • Take breaks. If you feel yourself getting tired or unproductive, take a break. I like to go for a walk and get a pick-me-up coffee.
  • Have a home office. Having a dedicated working space at home is an important way to have a balance between work and home. While sometimes I like working from the couch, having my desk dedicated for work stuff helps get me in “work mode.”
  • Have a schedule. While the flexibility part of working at home is great, it’s important to try to keep to a schedule. This can help keep you on track.
  • Reduce distractions. Turn the TV off. Log out of social media accounts (unless, of course, that’s your job.) If you are like me and need background noise, I like to play music in the background while I’m working.
  • Set goals. Since part of my job is blogging, I set my own goals and metrics that I would like to achieve. This is also a way to provide myself feedback, since I am not getting it from coworkers or a boss.

One method that is popular with anyone who needs to get many tasks done is the Pomodoro Technique. This method works by setting a timer for 25 minutes and dedicating all your time and energy on a task for those 25 minutes. Then when the timer is up, you take a short break. After you have gone through four 25 minute sets, take a longer break. Many people swear by this method because it really helps to eliminate distractions and burnout. While this might not work for everybody, if you are looking for a better way to structure your day this could be a good solution!

Do you work from home? What are your tips for being more productive and successful while working from home? Share below!

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