January 2018 Traffic Report


Can you believe it’s already February? This month flew by! It’s been pretty chilly here in Sarasota this month, so we are all feeling some cabin fever. But it’s still beautiful and sunny out, so can’t complain too much!

A new month means a new traffic report. I’m feeling really good about this month as I tried some new things and saw a lot of activity.

If you are interested, here are my previous traffic reports:

December 2017

November 2017

October 2017

September 2017 

The Traveling Gals-Logo (for Microsoft Office)

Blog Stats

Unique Page Views: 2,737 (+174.52%)

Bounce Rate: 89.77% (+5.17%)

Sessions: 2,189 (+223.82%)

Users: 1,718 (+236.2%)

New Posts: Broccoli and Jicama Rice Recipe, Review: Disney’s Saratoga Springs, Vegan Grilled Cheese on Quinoa Bread

Social Media Followers

Facebook: 824 (+4.57%)

Twitter: 1,567 (+1.89%)

Instagram: 1,772 (+8.58%)

Pinterest: 970 (+5.67%)

Bloglovin’: 310 (+3.33%)

So, this was a great month for The Traveling Gals! This traffic was mostly driven from StumbleUpon and Pinterest. I had a post go mini-viral on Pinterest and a lot of people actually clicked through to read the post, which is awesome. I also have a post, 10 Things To Do In Accra, Ghana, that consistently gets a lot of traffic from Pinterest and from search engines.

Going forward I want to redo the design of the blog to hopefully keep people reading for longer, as the bounce rate went up a little. I would like to make it easier to find specific content, i.e. cruise tips or healthy recipes. I also want to focus more on organic searches and Pinterest. I have been using and loving Tailwind (affiliate link) and definitely suggest giving it a try! I’m also still trying with affiliate links to make some income, but so far no luck with that. (If you have any posts about affiliate marketing, send them my way!)

Logo w Pink Sarasota

Blog Stats

Page Views: 234

Visitors: 163

New posts: December 2017 Traffic Report, 7 Resources for Social Media Managers

Social Media Followers

Facebook: 27 (no change)

Twitter: 23 (+43.75%)

My goal was to write two blog posts a month for AEE Marketing, and I am so glad I did because the post I wrote did really well! Going forward I want to continue writing two posts a month. I also am going to work on my social media presence.

So, that’s January! Pretty good start to the year!


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