November 2017 Traffic Report

Wow I cannot believe it’s December! That means it’s time for a traffic report! I really enjoy doing these. It’s a great way to track your growth, and I’m now paying more attention to what is working and what’s not working on my own blogs.

So, let’s get started.

You can see the previous traffic reports here:

September 2017

October 2017

The Traveling Gals-Logo (for Microsoft Office)

Now to begin we will look at my travel blog, The Traveling Gals. This is the blog I spend the most amount of time on and one that I eventually would like to make some money from, even if it’s just an extra $100 a month. Because of this, I look much more closely at the analytics on this blog as getting more traffic is my number one goal.

Unique page views: 1,451 (+36.24%)

Bounce rate: 88.61% (-0.38%)

Sessions: 1,176 (+39.67%)

Users: 862 (+41.78%)

New posts: 1 (Weekend Getaway: Las Vegas)

Social Media Followers

Facebook: 778 (+1.43%)

Twitter: 1,524 (+1.6%)

Instagram: 1,631 (+0.31%)

Pinterest: 906 (+6.34%)

Bloglovin’: 298 (no change)

So, I am pleased with this past month’s traffic, especially considering I only posted one new blog post. I had one pin get popular on Pinterest. (Well, popular for me. It has been viewed on Pinterest 1,500+ times, and that has led to more blog traffic.) I have really been focusing on Pinterest and Stumble Upon. This is why the bounce rate is so high, but I am not really concerned about the bounce rate for this blog. Since I write about a variety of travel destinations, I realize that people might not be interested in reading other articles about a place that they are not going. Also when you get a lot of traffic from Stumble Upon your bounce rate is usually high.

My goal for this upcoming month is to grow my Twitter and Pinterest followers. Twitter is one of my favorite platforms, and I really enjoy participating in Twitter chats. I’ve just about given up on Instagram for right now. No matter what I do my engagement is so low, and I would rather spend advertising dollars on other platforms like Pinterest. I also am setting a goal to post two blog posts in December.

Logo w Pink Sarasota

Next up is this blog, AEE Marketing. The numbers for this are not going to be good for this month because I did not spend the time I should have on this website. My goal is for this upcoming month is to post one blog post in addition to the monthly traffic report.

Page views: 15 (-59.46%)

Visitors: 5 (68.75%)

New posts: 1 (October 2017 Traffic Report)

Facebook: 24 (no change)

Signs of Disney WorldSo, there you have it for November’s traffic report! Looking forward to what December brings, and I can’t believe it’s already the end of the year!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


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