October 2017 Traffic Report


I can’t believe it is already November! Soon enough it will be Christmas and then another year will have gone by.

It’s now time for the October traffic report for The Traveling Gals and AEE Marketing.

You can read September’s traffic report here.

The Traveling Gals-Logo (for Microsoft Office)

First, let’s look at my travel blog, The Traveling Gals.

Unique page views: 1,065 (+77%)

Bounce rate: 88.95% (+2%)

Sessions: 842 (+70%)

Users: 608 (+57%)

New posts: 3 (Photo Essay: Havana, Cuba, Review: Planet Hollywood Las Vegas, 10 Spectacular Sunsets Around the World)

Social Media Followers

Facebook: 767 (+4%)

Twitter: 1,500 (+0.7%)

Instagram: 1,626 (-0.9%)

Pinterest: 852 (+2%)

Bloglovin’: 298 (+1%)

Okay so there was some significant increase this month. I think it definitely is because I posted more. I posted three times this month versus just one time last month. The bounce rate is high because a significant amount of traffic comes from StumbleUpon. I’m also not really concerned about bounce rate, because when people are searching for information on a particular destination they may not be interested in reading anything else. I will be checking to make sure relevant content is easy to get to in posts. I also have been having some trouble with Instagram. I still enjoy using it, but engagement has really tanked and the follow/unfollow game is just annoying. I gain and lose 20/30 followers sometimes in just one day.

Logo w Pink Sarasota


Now onto AEE Marketing!

Page views: 37 (+12%)

Visitors: 16 (+23%)

Facebook: 24 (No change)

New posts: 1 (September Traffic Report)

I need to post more consistently with this page, both on the blog and on Facebook. My client’s blogs take priority, but it is important to follow my own advice (consistency is key!)


Okay so that is the traffic report for October. I am pretty happy with the increases for my travel blog. I need to focus on more consistent posting and promotion. I created calendars for social media posting that have helped a lot.

Contact me if you are looking for help with social media or need articles written for your website.

See you next month!


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