September 2017 Traffic Report


I have decided to start doing traffic reports for my two websites (this one and The Traveling Gals). I am doing this to create more accountability for myself, to share tips on what worked and didn’t work, and give more of an insight into some of the work I do!

Growing a blog/website and social media accounts is definitely more of a marathon than a sprint, which can get frustrating. Hopefully this will give some guidance, but I’m mostly doing this to keep myself focused and on track!

This first report is going to be about September 2017 traffic and social media. This will be the baseline going forward for growing the sites and social media accounts. (Or at least the intent is to grow them!)

FYI: The goals for these two sites are different, which is why I have more detailed metrics for The Traveling Gals.

The Traveling Gals-Logo (for Microsoft Office)

So first, let’s look at my travel blog: The Traveling Gals.

Unique page views: 601

Bounce rate: 86.67%

Sessions: 495

Users: 387

New posts: 1 (Review: Royal Caribbean’s Empress of the Seas)

Social Media Followers

Facebook: 732

Twitter: 1,489

Instagram: 1,642

Pinterest: 830

Bloglovin’: 294

Logo w Pink Sarasota

Next we will look at this lovely website, AEE Marketing!

Page views: 33

Visitors: 13

Facebook followers: 24

New posts: 0

So, not too bad! I am excited to do this monthly and see these numbers grow! One of my biggest obstacles right now is consistency. You may have heard this before, but consistency is key. I am working on a blog planner and social media content calendar to keep a more consistent posting schedule.

I hope you will find these traffic reports interesting! If not, please feel free to ignore and check out some other articles on the blog!

Contact me here for more information on the services I offer for social media and more!

Have a wonderful day!




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